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As an auto mechanic shop you probably get most of your business through word of mouth. Other than a local listing in a book, you may not be spending a lot on advertising to bring in new customers. Unfortunately you may be frustrated that each year the customers from this type of advertising have been decreasing. Customers no longer look for businesses in a book, they now look online. The internet is now the new way to market your business and bring customers to your shop.


Making the Complex Simple

How to market your business online can be very complex and confusing. It is hard to decide what services you need and how much you should pay to ensure a return on investment.. Our easy to use directory takes away all of these problems while leveraging three major trends that have emerged online changin. the way that small businesses operate and market themselves.



The increase in searchers looking for local businesses


Internet usage has been steadily increasing as most people now work in front of a computer, have a laptop with them as they travel, or are able to access the internet from their phones. When they need to find a local company they no longer look in a book, they simply search online.

This increase in local searches has caused the search engines to focus more on local results, and caused local business to pay attention to their online marketing. When a customer's car breaks down on the highway they can use their phone to search and call a towing company as well as a mechanic that can get them back on the road.

Every single day as more and more people do this, are they able to find your business online?

When you list your business on AutoShopit.com you are able to leverage our rankings in the search engines and ensure that you get found when local searches occur.



The value of customer testimonials and reviews


As the internet provides more and more information to the consumer they tend to get lost. With a quick search they are able to find hundreds of companies that could potentially fix their auto repair problem and they don't know who to choose. It is well know that every city has some very good honest hard working mechanics, but also has overpriced scam artists who try to take advantage of the uninformed consumer. The challenge is distinguishing one from the other.

When it comes to marketing it's very easy for these two mechanics to look the same. This is why businesses benefit from having a third party testimonial system that allows them to show real life customers that have previously used their services.. AutoShopit.com collects your customer reviews and displays them to potential new customers. With these trustworthy reviews of your business, customers are able to choose your company with confidence.



Social Media's large effect on marketing and decision making


It is said that when you do a good job the customer will tell three people; however when you do a bad job the customer will tell eleven people. These numbers were accurate before Facebook and other social media websites became popular. Now with a couple clicks of a button your happy or unhappy customer can tell hundreds of their friends and associates.

On top of all of this,consumers are now using social media sites to ask their peers for advice or contacts for services they need.



Your reputation has never mattered more than it does today.

With your AutoShopit.com listing you are able to link your reviews to social media applications and connect with your customers and their friends. This will help you manage your online reputation and grown your business.


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"Thank You AutoShopit.com"


Like most mechanics, most of my business has always come from referrals. All of the courses that I took kept teaching that the internet was one of the best ways to market myself.

At first I didn't believe them but then when I tried it I was shocked with the results.

I'm continually amazed with how much business I get from being found on the internet and as this increases my online reputation has become critical to my shops success.

AutoShopit.com not only helps me gain access to more local customers, they are helping me build and maintain a positive reputation in the marketplace. These guys really know their stuff.

Tom Cowan
Chief Mechanic, Toy Town Motors