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Many Canadians complain that they've had a bad experience with an auto shop or mechanic. This is because it's hard to tell the good shops from the bad ones.

The goal of our directory is to rank businesses in the auto repair industry based on what actual customers think of their service. 

To do this we need reviews. The more reviews our site has, the easier it becomes for our visitors to distinguish the good shops from the bad ones.  

If you've had any service done on your car in the last year, even if it was by a dealership, we'd love to get your review(s) and to thank you we are doing a draw for $1000. See contest for details.

It will only take you 2 minutes:

  1. Use your facebook account, or create an AutoShopit account
  2. Find your auto shop in our database, or create their listing if they are not there
  3. Tell us what you think about their work.


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