Read Auto Repair Shop and Auto Mechanic Reviews and Ratings

Why is it so important to have online auto repair reviews?  In any given city there are hundreds if not thousands of auto mechanics.   Some of these mechanics provide an excellent service at a reasonable price, while others overcharge and do a poor job.  The trouble is trying to discover who is who.  The internet has helped solve this problem for many people.  Online you can quickly and easily visit sites that have lists of all the local auto shops with reviews from actual customers.  This will help you find a trusted mechanic for your auto repair with very little trouble.  This is why we created  The goal of our directory is to help you make your choice with confidence and get your repair done as quickly and professionally as possible.

Auto Shop Reviews and Auto Mechanic Reviews

The power of the internet is that it is a public forum for people to share information.  When a customer is very happy or very upset at the work they had done, they want to share that information with the world.  In the past they would tell a couple of friends but now with social media and online directories they can quickly spread this information to hundreds or thousands of people.  Now they can go to a directory site and post their review.  This review will be read by other customers that are trying to distinguish if this auto shop provides a good service.  Over time more and more reviews are accumulated which begins to give the potential customer a clear view of the company’s performance. 

Auto Shop Ratings and Auto Mechanic Ratings

After the reviews are gathered and ranked each auto shop is then given a rating.  Just like hotels you can easily follow the number of stars to figure out which automotive mechanic is doing a better job servicing their customers.  Our site actually ranks the mechanics based on their ratings so the better auto shops rise to the top and the poor one’s stay at the bottom. 

Being a Good Mechanic Pays in the Long Run

Over time providing a good service at a fair price to your customer will pay.  In the short term you can make more money by ripping off a few customers but over time people will discover what is going on and start to share this information with others.  When you get more negative reviews than positive ones, customers start avoiding your shop.   When you have a significant number of positive reviews, then the opposite happens and more customers flock to your business.   Our goal is to encourage all auto shops and car mechanics to treat their customers properly and everyone can thrive.