Top 10 Marketing Strategies for Auto Shops

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We are happy to announce that our article has been posted of the top 10 marketing strategies for auto shops.  

The goal of the article is to help auto shops generate more business during the slow times with proven strategies that work for other businesses in the auto repair industry.  

The following strategies made it to the top 10

10 – Radio Advertising 

9 – Local Newspapers 

8 – Physical Directories 

7 – Local Flyers 

6 – Sending Cards via Direct Mail to Customers

5 – Strategic Alliances 

4 – Referral Programs 

3 – Social Media 

2 – Online Review Sites / Directories 

1 – Word of Mouth 

To learn more about each strategy please visit our article - Top 10 Marketing Strategies for Auto Shops

If you're a mechanic that has had some success with local marketing, feel free to share your ideas in the comments.  


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