Google Enriches Online Experience in BMW's

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Google innovations have been delving into the automotive industry as they try to enhance the driving experience using their search technologies.  When we are in our cars, we often find times where we are looking for a business or location.  With the advancement of GPS navigation systems it has made it easier to find what we are looking for.  This makes the driving experience safer and easier as we concentrate more on the road and less on which street to turn down. 


Google's new enhancement is with BMW cars who have always been leading the pack with their ConnectedDrive technology.


Google has now introduced a way for drivers to perform local searches while in the car.  As you start typing the first few characters it will give you suggestions to help enhance the speed and ease of these searches.


Once you select a place it will give you an advanced view of what the place looks like and you are then able to drive to that location through the navigation system. 


BMW is introducing these services in every new car equipped with a professional navigation system as of September 2010.


To Get more information on how this will work visit Google's Blog


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