Google Cars Drive Themselves But Will They Be Able to Fix Themselves?

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Will the day arrive where we can sit in our car and text or surf the internet guilt free as our car drives itself to our desired destination?  It appears like that day is not so far away.  

On October 9th 2010, the New York Times published an article describing the new technology of Google cars that can drive themselves.  Google has been working on this project in secret as they have run several tests with seven cars that have driven 1,000 miles without human intervention. 

While it appears that many people are working on cars that can drive themselves.  The benefits are clear.  Safer, faster, and you can multitask without getting into an accident.  Is anyone working on a car that can fix itself? 

For a long time cars have been able to use computers to register a problem and flash a light on your dashboard informing you that you need to go to a local auto mechanic to diagnose the problem and get it fixed.  When will we reach the day when these cars can wirelessly connect with our local mechanic and they can diagnose the problem virtually?  They can tell you exactly the problem and the cost without you having to bring it in.  This would save countless hours and worry as you are able to distinguish between the serious and less serious issues with your car. 

Or even better yet, let’s integrate a car that can drive itself with one that can fix itself as well.  Of course it can’t do that in your garage, instead while you’re busy at home or the office it will drive itself to the mechanic, get repaired and then drive itself back.  What an amazing world it would be when getting your car fixed is no longer a chore but a service that happens without taking a second out of your day. 


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