Driving Through the Transitioning Weather

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The weather has started to change and we are entering the wet rainy period before the first snow fall.  During this time accidents tend to increase as driving conditions get worse.  To keep your car and loved ones inside safe, here are some of the reasons why accidents occur during this season and how to prevent them.

Poor Visibility

The wet weather conditions lower the driver’s visibility of the road.  It becomes harder to see street signs and other cars.  The sky is usually covered by clouds and this gray haze decreases the distance we can see ahead of us.  When visibility decreases it is important to slow down to ensure that you have enough time to brake if necessary. 


The poor weather also increases our level of distraction.  We tend to play with our windshield wipers to get the right speed and with our heat to ensure comfort in the car.  These minor distractions can lead us to pay less attention to the road and our driving and can lead to accidents. Try to set your wipers and heat before you drive or when you are stopped at a light to reduce your level of distraction.

Bad Road Conditions

Rain, snow, or ice can become a nightmare to drive through.  They cause the tires to spin, lock up, or simply reduce the speed at which your vehicle can come to a full stop.  When driving in these conditions it’s important to leave a greater distance between vehicles in front of you.  It’s also important to begin using your brakes farther away than you would during the summer months to accommodate for this extra space needed to stop.  It’s also a good idea to slow down and not drive as fast.  Remember it’s better to arrive a little late, than to not arrive at all. 

Older Car Parts

Having the proper tires, brake pads, and windshield wipers can also prevent you from getting into an accident during this time of year.  For more details information on how to prepare your car for the changing of the seasons, review our previous post. 

When we make the effort to adjust to the changes in the weather by slowing down, reducing our distractions and paying more attention we can prevent many of the accidents that occur during this time of the year. 


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