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Customer service stories are a way for us to pay tribute to an auto shop that has gone above and beyond normal expectations to ensure that the customer has a positive memorable experience while having their car fixed. 

This edition of customer service stories is from Ben Kalles a customer in Markham who discovered what true service looks like thanks to Auto Doc. 

My check engine light lit up just a few weeks after I had done an oil change on my car. I didn’t have a mechanic that I regularly went to so I researched a couple of places close by and I chose Auto Doc. When I went in they told me that they have to hook my car up to the diagnosticator machine to detect where the problem was coming from. I was a little worried because most places are willing to charge you anywhere from $50 to $100 just to hook your car up. Auto Doc didn’t charge me a penny for this. From using the diagnosticator machine they were able to tell me that I had to problems that I needed to fix.

The first problem with my car was my gas cap. They told me that it was no longer sealing my tank closed properly so I simply had to order a new one from the Honda dealership. Auto Doc called the dealership for me and then ordered a new gas cap for my car.

A couple of days later they called my cell and told me that my gas cap had arrived. I swung by Auto Doc’s on my way home from work to change and pay for the gas cap. They charged me roughly $65 for the gas cap because the Honda dealership charged them $65 for the gas cap. They didn’t try to add on any type of service charge or shipping fees onto my bill.  This was the first thing that impressed me about them.

The second problem with my car was that one of my vents was not opening and closing properly to release the toxins from my car into the air. They told me that it could be anywhere from 5-8 hours of work so I had to leave my car with them for a day.

I had to bring my car in on the weekend because I needed it to get to work during the week so I brought it in on Saturday. I needed to have my car ready for Sunday morning so Auto Doc told me that when they are finished repairing the car they would lock my keys in the car with the receipt for the work being done and park the car in their lot so I can come early Sunday to pick up my car with my spare set of keys.

Sunday morning I arrived early and there my car was sitting in the parking lot. Just like Auto Doc said my receipt was there to. When all was said and done I was only charged roughly $110 for them to fix my car. I was extremely relieved because I thought I would be paying at least $300 for the labor. I was very happy with the customer service at Auto Doc’s. They called my cell to give me updates throughout the entire process and they didn’t over charge me for the work that they did on my car. That was when I knew that I had found my new mechanic.

Auto Doc Professional Svc is a family owned auto mechanic shop by Ken Korman located at 37 Guardsman Rd in Thornhill Ontario.  Ken is a Class S Interprovincial Standard service technician that qualifies him to work on all car makes and models.  What makes his shop stand out is that not only do they make sure that they provide the best quality for parts and labour, they also focus on treating the customer right. Visit the Auto Doc profile  


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