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We are happy to announce that our article - Can Online Reviews Change the Auto Repair Industry went out over the online press on Tuesday.  To read the auto repair review article in more detail just follow the link.  

The main question that the article brought up is, will auto shop review websites like change the auto repair industry to increase the integrity and honest work provided by local auto shops?  

The reason we started this is because we believe that public customer reviews can have an impact on how auto shops treat their customer.  If customers are willing to share their experiences the more data collected, the easier it becomes to see which mechanics are trustworthy and therefore deserve your business.  

Our belief is based on the fact that this has worked in many other industries.  In the home renovation industry there are many review sites out there that contractors work hard to keep their reputation positive on.  They know that bad reviews will hurt their business, and positive reviews will benefit them.  

This same model can apply to any industry and we are happy to finally bring it to auto repairs


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