Auto Maintenance Myths and Tips

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There is a lot of information floating around about vehicles but read more to learn about the common auto maintenance car myths and tips.

Auto Maintenance Myths

If you are new to the world of driving, chances are you’ve been hearing a number of different things from other drivers. Some of them may be true, but many are simply auto maintenance myths that have been passed down throughout the years.

  • Oil changes- there are many conflicting opinions about how often you should change the oil in your vehicle. most people believe that after 5000 km or every three months the oil should be changed, but the only way you can know for sure is to check your car manual because most new age vehicles can go 75000 km or more before this is necessary.
  • Tune ups- this is another area where auto maintenance issues seem to conflict. Generally, tune ups were done every year, but today cars can go up to 160 000 km before a tune up is needed. To be sure check your car manual.
  • Warm ups -especially in cold winter months are sometimes necessary. However, the engine oil takes less than a minute to warm up, an auto mechanic will tell you that any more than that is simple a waste of gas.
  • Car winterization is another myth regarding auto maintenance. Some people believe that you need to take certain steps during the winter and this is not true. Simply maintain the vehicle consistently and when winter comes you should be fine.

Car Maintenance Tips

There is a popular saying “prevention is better than cure” and this also relates to auto maintenance. Take your vehicle to a car mechanic during the required periods to ensure that there are no problems, these routine maintenance will ensure the longevity of the car and also helps you avoid costly repairs that may occur as a result of not having the vehicle properly checked out at an auto shop.  It is also important that you have routine checkups or car repairs on the vehicle during which you change or replace worn parts such as windshield wiper blades or worn tires. These should not be a problem as you can also make these simple changes yourself.

Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

There are some common auto maintenance mistakes that car owners make and knowing how to avoid these can save you time and money. The most common car maintenance mistakes are:

  • Changing your own oil - this can be a messy process and most people don’t know how to dispose of the oil after the process is complete. Sometimes an auto shop is the best option.
  • Not checking if tires are properly inflated – you may need to buy a tire pressure gauge, but the recommended tire pressure is clearly outlined on the tire.
  • Forgetting to have brake inspections- if the brakes start to squeal when you press down, it means the pads are worn down and are scraping against the rotors and drums. You can replace these auto parts at a repair shop.
  • Not tightening the gas cap- this may cause the engine light to come on as the air may interfere with the fuel intake so ensure that the gas cap is also properly tightened.

It is usually quite inexpensive to have these issues checked out at a reputable service. However, if you are experiencing problems finding an auto mechanic, then is certainly the place for you. Visit the site and browse all the options available in your area, there is no doubt that you will find a mechanic that is perfect for you and your vehicle.





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