5 Reasons Why Auto Mechanics Should Embrace Review Sites

In the last several years, online review sites have become very popular.  This is because online reviews allow other customers to make better buying decisions.  Recently this model has moved to the auto repair industry; however many mechanics feel like it’s not beneficial for them to participate on these websites.  The decision to opt out of these sites is usually based on inaccurate information and can actually end up hurting their business.  The following are reasons why auto shops should participate and encourage their customers to write reviews.


Reason 1 – Turn Around a Lack of Trust

In the auto repair industry there is a much higher lack of trust than many other industries.  When speaking to the average car owner about car repairs, everyone seems to have a negative story with a repair shop or knows a close friend who had a bad experience.   Whether or not this lack of trust is warranted is irrelevant, the reality is that it exists and auto mechanics have to do something to increase trust if they want to get more business.   When prospective customers see dozens of positive reviews from actual customers that have used your service on a third party website, they are more likely to trust your company. 

Reason 2 – Learn from Your Mistakes and Retain More Customers

Making a mistake with a customer is bad, but never knowing that you made that mistake is even worse.  When an unsatisfied customer leaves your shop they will most likely never return and be sure to tell all of their friends about the negative experience.  If you don’t know about his then you can never fix it and help build back up your auto shops reputation.  Not only can you not fix it, you are likely to make the same mistake with other customers as well. 

Reason 3 - Be Part of the Conversation

Whether mechanics like it or not, these review sites are here to stay.  If you choose to avoid the conversation that doesn’t prevent customers from speaking negatively about your company, all it does is prevent you from responding.  When you are a participant on a review site you are able to add comments from the company’s perspective.  We all know that there are two sides to every story and other readers will realize that the customer is not always right.  They are able to tell the difference between bad service and unreasonable expectations.  By joining the conversation you allow yourself to share your side and protect your reputation. 

Reason 4 - Drown Out the Bad with the Good

Many mechanics avoid review sites because they argue that some customers are too unreasonable to please and when they get a negative review from one of these customers it will hurt their reputation.  This is true one negative review can hurt your reputation….. if it’s the only review you have.  But if you have 17 positive reviews and one customer writes a negative review this will have very little effect.  By actively promoting review sites to your satisfied customers you are able to gather lots of positive reviews to drown out the few negative one’s that come up.  We all know that nobody is perfect, and we are willing to overlook a bad review when it is surrounded by positive ones.  It’s when it’s the only comment we can find about your company that we begin to worry.

Reason 5 - Gaining New Customers

The final reason to take part in review sites is to get new customers.  There are many car owners out there who don’t yet have a trusted auto mechanic.  As these sites become more popular in the marketplace they are able to drive new customers to your business.  By avoiding participation in these sites you are losing out on these potential new customers.  If you are looking to grow your business, than it’s critical to manage your online reputation and visibility across the internet.


Don’t Wait Till it’s Too Late

Whether auto mechanics like it or not, review websites are around to stay.  If you choose to ignore them, you are allowing others to control your brand name and reputation, while if you participate in them you are able to grow your brand, your reputation, and your business.  When the market changes many businesses decide to hold off and wait to see how this change will affect their business.  The ones that accept the change early are usually the ones that benefit the most as they are able to get a head start on their competition.  Don’t wait until your local competitor has hundreds of reviews before you decide that it’s important to be online.  The sooner you begin, the sooner you will see the benefits for yourself.   

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5 Reasons Why Auto Mechanics should embrace reviews websites


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